Exhibits on display at the Bodleian

Exhibits on display at the Bodleian

There are some differences between what is displayed on this website and what is on show at the Bodleian until 13 May 2012. The following list describes what is on display in the exhibition room.

I. Origin Stories

1. MS. Digby 23 (part 2), fols. 31v–32r: The Song of Roland
2. MS. Douce 132, fols. 22v–23ar: The Anglo-Norman Romance of Horn
3. MS. Laud Misc. 108, fols. 203v–204r: Havelock and Horn
4. Impression from North East Lincolnshire Archives, ref. 1/942/1: The Grimsby Havelock Seal

II. Romance and the Medieval World

5. Ashmolean Museum, AN2008.27: Ivory carvings from France
6. MS. Rawl. B. 39, pp. 9–10: A book of heraldry
7. MS. Douce 104, fols. 30v–31r: William Langland, Piers Plowman
8. MS. Douce 195, fols. 86v–87r: The Romance of the Rose
9. MS. Digby 185, fols. 165v–166r: Ponthus and Sidoine

III. Truth, Deceit and Desire

10. MS. Fr. d. 16, fols. 9v–10r: Thomas of Britain, Tristan
11a and 11b. British Museum, Chertsey Tiles; examples of Eames 501 and Eames 502: Scenes from the Tristan and Isolde stories
12. MS. Douce d. 6, fols. 12v–13r: The Folie Tristan
13a. Engraved gold ring; Victoria and Albert Museum M.189-1962
13b. Enamelled gold fede ring; Victoria and Albert Museum M.281-1962
14. MS. Ashmole 45, fols. 1v–2r: The Earl of Toulouse

South wall display

15. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Lancelot’s Vision of the Sanc Grael; Ashmolean Museum, WA1950.7

IV. Empires of Romance: Arthur

16. MS. Fairfax 28, fols. 63v–64r: Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of Britain
17. MS. e Mus. 78, fols. 3(i)v–4r: Heraldic anthology
18. Jesus College, Oxford MS. 111 (The Red Book of Hergest), fols. 154v–155r: Owain (The Lady of the Fountain)
19. MS. Rawl. Q. B. 6, fols. 210v–211r: The Lancelot-Grail Cycle

IV. Empires of Romance: Alexander

20. MS. Bodl. 902, fols. 137v–138r: John Gower, Confessio amantis
21. MS. Bodl. 264, fols. 57v–58r: Alexander romances
22. MS. Greaves 60, fols. 6v–7r: Alliterative Alexander fragments
23. MS. Elliott 325, fols. 387v–388r: Firdawsi, Shahnama

V. The Objects of Romance

24. Wooden casket with Tristan scene; Victoria and Albert Museum, 2173-1855
25. Ivory mirror back; Ashmolean Museum, WA2001.178
26. St Eustace carved ivory horn; Victoria and Albert Museum, A. 564-1910i

VI. Cities under Siege

27. MS. Laud Misc. 595, fols. iiv–1r: The Laud Troy Book
28. MS. Arch. Selden. B. 24, fol. 111v: Troilus and Criseyde
29. MS. Douce 331, fols. 2v–3r: Le Roman de Troÿle
30. Arch. G. d.1, fols. 263v–264r: The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye
31. MS. Digby 230, fols. 194v–195r: The Siege of Jerusalem

VII(a). Strange Encounters

32. MS. Douce 261, fols. 32v–33r: Eglamour of Artois
33. MS. Douce 324, fols. 2v–3r: The Awntyrs off Arthure
34. MS. Eng. poet. a. 1 (the Vernon Manuscript), fols. 304v–305r: The King of Tars
35. MS. Douce 326, fols. 12v–13r: Amis and Amiloun

VII(b). The Fortunes of Sir Gawain

36. British Library, Cotton MS. Nero A.x, fols. 128v–129r: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
37. Arch. H e.55, pp. 18–19: C.S. Lewis’s copy of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, ed. Tolkien and Gordon
38. MS. Rawl. C. 86, fols. 136v–137r: The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell

VIII. Composing, Writing, Preserving

39. MS. Douce 228, fols. 1v–2r: Richard Coeur de Lyon
40. MS. Ashmole 61, fols. 154v–155r: Orfeo
41. MS. Douce 236, fols. 13v–14r: Arthour and Merlin
42. MS. Ashmole 33(1), fols. 63v–64r; MS. Ashmole 33(2); parchment wrapper for MS. Ashmole 33(1): Sir Firumbras
43. MS. Eng. poet. d. 208, fols. 27v–28r: ‘Poetry Pasty’

IX. The Percy Folio

44. British Library, Add. MS. 27879 (The Percy Folio), fols. 68v–69r: Eger and Grime
45. Douce PP 166(18), pp. 14–15: The History of Guy, Earl of Warwick
46. Vet. A3 b.43(7): Ballad of Moore of Moore-Hall and the Dragon of Wantley

X. Routes of Romance

47. Malone 152(1) , fols. D4v–E1r: Thomas Lodge, Rosalynde
48. MS. Douce 216, fols. 17v–18r: Apollonius
49. Arch. G d.41(5), last page; Arch. G d.41(6), title page: Shakespeare and Wilkins, Pericles
50. MS. Hatton donat. 1, fols. 64v–65r: Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
51. Arch. G c.8, pp. 194–5: Shakespeare, As You Like It
52. Douce H 396(2), title page: Sir Billy of Billerecay
53. 40 L 32(2) Art., fol. paraph 1r (title page): Cervantes, Don Quixote, trans. Thomas Shelton
54. Author’s manuscript and paperback edition of The Scarecrow and his Servant, by Philip Pullman
55. F 2.62 Linc., pp. 2–3: Spenser, The Faerie Queene
56. Douce 177, fols. A1v–A2r: Ponthus et la belle Sidoyne
57. Douce PP 214, fols. P5v–P6r: King Ponthus
58. Malone 16, pp. 240–1: Ariosto, Orlando furioso, trans. John Harington
59. Ashmolean Museum, WA1977.34: Edward Burne-Jones, The Knight’s Farewell
60. 2 DELTA 301, betw. pp. 8 and 9: An Account of the Tournament at Eglinton
61Douce E. 264, title page and letter Sir Tristrem, ed. Walter Scott
62. 2712 e.346, front cover: Mark Twain, A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur
63. John Johnson Collection, Lyceum 3(26): King Arthur
64. Kelmscott Press d.13, title page: William Morris, The Well at the World’s End
65. Ashmolean Museum, WA1920 Burne-Jones’s copy of Malory

XI. Romance and the Modern World

66. MS. Tolkien drawings 81: Draft page of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers
67. Monty Python and the Holy Grail screenplay, fols. 20v–21r, and copy of BBFC letter (lent by Terry Jones)
68. Selection of modern books and other items from Bodleian and private collections