Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde

Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde

Thomas Lodge


London, England

Printed Book

Thomas Lodge’s prose romance Rosalynde: Euphues Golden Legacy (first published 1590) is best known today as the major source for Shakespeare’s As You Like It, but its own success is apparent from its numerous reprintings. This copy was printed in London in 1592 by Abel Jeffes for T. Gubbin and John Busbie. From the medieval romance of Gamelyn featured elsewhere in the exhibition, Lodge takes the story of a younger son ousted from his estate and seeking recompense. However, Lodge vastly expands the earlier romance to form a playful, pastoral fiction of love, verbal trickery and literary debate. Thomas Lodge (1558–1625) gained a BA degree from Trinity College, Oxford in 1577. His literary output included poetry, prose fiction, plays, and translations. He went on expeditions to the Canary Islands and Brazil, and later practised as a doctor in London.



Rosalynde Marshall

My parents were very romantic, poetic and literary. They loved this poem and named me after it! If you google my full name, including Ann, my middle name, there is no one else in the world who shares it with me.


michael lodge

thomas was my grandfather X 10. I write some poetry and prose from time to time, but not in thamas' style. I do appreciate Rosalynde and some other of his works.

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