Ariosto, Orlando furioso

Ariosto, Orlando furioso

Ludovico Ariosto, trans. John Harington


London, England

Printed Book

Various revisions of Ludovico Ariosto’s epic romance Orlando furioso (Mad Orlando) were published between 1516 and 1532. In short, it tells of Orlando’s love for the pagan princess Angelica, but Ariosto’s extravagant narrative traverses the world and beyond, including a trip to the moon to recover Orlando’s lost wits. The story takes its setting from old romances of Charlemagne: the name Orlando is a version of Roland, who appears in a very different setting in, for example, The Song of Roland from the twelfth century. Ariosto’s poem had great influence in England, for example on Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. This English translation was made by Sir John Harington (1560–1612), courtier, author and inventor of the flushing toilet.



vivian donath

Several illustrations from continental publications were bound into Harington's Orlando Furioso including a reversed copy published by Philips Galle of an engraving from 1583 by Goltzius of Perseus and Andromeda. On the Galle print the characters have been renamed in pen so as to fit them to the text: Perseus has become Rogero and Andromeda became Angelica. Can you photocopy and email me this page please.


Vivian Donath

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