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Audio recordings

  • William Morris writes a romance

    Extract from the opening of The Well at the World's End. Read by Dr Nicholas Perkins.
  • The Song of Roland

    Lines 1753-1760 from The Song of Roland. Read by Dr Helen Swift in the original French.
  • The Red Book of Hergest

    Extract from the opening of The Red Book of Hergest. Read by Prof Thomas Charles-Edwards in the original Welsh.
  • The Laud Troy Book

    An extract from the opening of the Laud Troy Book. Read by Dr Nicholas Perkins.

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Romance mini-documentary

Romance was one of the most popular and diverse forms of medieval storytelling. The Romance of Middle Ages exhibition shows how its colourful narratives illuminate medieval culture and how its compelling stories have inspired writers and artists across the centuries, including Shakespeare, William Morris and J.R.R. Tolkien. Dr Nicholas Perkins (curator) joins with other experts from the University of Oxford to illustrate this in a mini-documentary.